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Workers Compensation

Injured at work or has your job contributed to an injury or disease? You may be entitled to make a workers compensation claim.

We have UNIQUE EXPERIENCE with our Principal having worked in the insurance industry for 20 years and therefore he understands the approach taken by large insurers in the management and settlement of claims. Our expert experience will ensure you receive the appropriate advice about your prospects of making a claim and more importantly the correct compensation.

We pride ourselves on our personal service and your claim will be handed by our Principal, and not a paralegal. You will be kept fully informed at all times as to the process of your claim.

Reveal Legal offers a NO WIN NO FEE GUARANTEE as we understand that legal representation is not always within the financial means of injured persons. What this means is that we will only receive payment for our services once we have successfully settled your case or you are successful at trial. These conditions apply once we have reviewed the circumstances surrounding your claim and you have entered into a written retainer with us to act for you.

Common law claims can be pursued if the employer has been negligent and this negligence has caused or contributed to you sustaining your injuries.

If you have suffered permanent personal injuries this may have a considerable economic impact over the course of your future working life. An injured worker can be compensated for the following:

  • pain and suffering

  • out of pocket expenses including travel, pharmaceutical and medical treatment

  • past and future loss of income and superannuation

  • paid care and assistance


In Queensland there are two components to the workers compensation system:

  • the statutory phase

  • common law phase

The statutory phase is a no fault system where WorkCover Queensland or your employer's self insurer will pay for expenses such as medical, rehabilitation, hospital and travel caused by your workplace accident. In addition a substantial portion of your wages will also be paid.

It is important that the circumstances of your incident are reported as soon as possible after the incident occurs to your employer and that you immediately seek medical treatment. An application will then be made to the relevant insurer as it needs to be accepted before any payments will be received.

In Queensland the workers compensation statutory scheme is 'short tail' in that if you have not fully recovered payments will cease after approximately 2 years. You will be offered a notice of assessment lump sum offer of compensation based on your assessed level of impairment.

It is at this point, very important to seek legal advice as depending on your level of impairment, you may be prevented in making a common law claim.

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