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Public Liability


Have you been injured in a public or private place? If so, you may be able to lodge a public liability claim.

Claims may exist in numerous locations or circumstances with some examples being:

  • workplace accidents against parties at fault other than your employer

  • slip and fall accidents at shopping centres, retail and commercial locations

  • accidents at pubs, clubs and involving security guards

  • sporting and recreational incidents

  • claims involving defective goods and products

  • injuries sustained at schools and clubs

  • physical or sexual assaults

  • dog attacks

  • private residential properties


Our Principal has UNIQUE EXPERIENCE having worked in the insurance industry and understands the approach taken by large insurers in the management and settlement of claims. Our expert experience will ensure you receive the appropriate advice about your prospects of making a claim and more importantly the correct compensation.

We pride ourselves on our personal service and your claim will be handed by our Principal, and not a paralegal. You will be kept fully informed at all times as to the process of your claim.

The regime in Queensland that governs the right to bring a personal injury claim in a public liability setting is very complicated and procedural.  Also strict timetables apply in which to lodge and serve a claim against a party at fault. At the first instance a claim must be served within 9 months after the incident or 1 month after you have retained a lawyer to act for you, whichever is earliest.

It is important that the circumstances of your claim is reported as soon as possible after its occurrence and documented. Details of witnesses and photographs of the scene should be obtained soon after the incident. Immediate medical attention should also be sought and also the circumstances recorded by the treating practitioner.

The potential areas of compensation that can be sought include:

  • pain and suffering

  • out of pocket expenses such as medical, rehabilitation, pharmaceutical and travel

  • past and future income

  • past and future care

  • future treatment and other expenses

Reveal Legal offers a NO WIN NO FEE GUARANTEE as we understand that legal representation is not always within the financial means of injured persons. What this means is that we will only receive payment for our services once we have successfully settled your case or you are successful at trial. These conditions apply once we have reviewed the circumstances surrounding your claim and you have entered into a written retainer with us to act for you.

DO NOT DELAY - If you have any concerns as to the timing and prospects of your claim, please CONTACT US NOW. We have successfully handled hundreds of public liability claims over 20 years and can advise you during our free no obligation consultation of the prospects of your claim.

Contact us now! Timeframes do apply.

Click here to find out more about our NO WIN NO FEE GUARANTEE.

DON'T DELAY, strict timeframes do apply, contact us now so we can advise you on your rights. 

Speak with our friendly team now by calling us on 3510 2155 or our after hours service on 0447 775 677.

Thanks! We wil be touch shortly.

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