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Injured in a car crash? These 5 steps are critical.

Step 1 - Record Details

Obtain contact details of other drivers involved, and their insurers, particularly the 'at fault driver' at the scene or as soon as possible after the accident. Ensure the registration number of the vehicles are taken.

Obtain details of independent witnesses to support your version.

Record the incident location and time of accident accurately.

Ascertain whether any CCTV or dashcam footage exists of the accident.

Step 2 - Report to Police

It is necessary for the police to document the accident as this is required to lodge a claim for compensation from the 'at fault' driver's insurer. This should be followed up with the attending/reporting police officer as soon as possible after the accident as it can take the police several months to complete the report.

Step 3 - Seek Medical Treatment without delay

It is important for your recovery to immediately seek treatment from your doctor.

Ensure all injuries suffered (even minor injuries) directly caused from the accident have been reported to the doctor. A medical certificate is also required from the treating doctor and submitted with your compensation claim.

Step 4 - Time Limits for making a claim

There are strict time limits in making a claim for personal injury claims in Queensland and serving notices of claim. If those time limits are not met you may lose your right to seek compensation. In general terms a claim must be lodged within 9 months after the accident occurred.

Step 5 - Seek Legal advice ASAP

At Reveal Legal, we are experts in personal injury law and will ensure full entitlements and compensation is paid. An injury suffered may cause permanent damage and ongoing loss so it is important to consider all aspects of the loss that may arise.

Chris Mills, principal, has previously acted for insurers and understands intricately how they operate to minimise compensation. Chris will ensure the best possible outcome is obtained.

Contact Reveal Legal now and we will assess your claim on a no obligation basis and at no cost to you.

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